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I am honored to serve as your state representative and with your support, will continue to work and bring positive change for RGV families. ¡Adelante!

My Agenda


I believe that a foundation based on access to a high-quality, publicly-provided education is key to preparing the next generation for good jobs. Every Texas child deserves a chance at the American dream, and a good education is key to achieving that dream.

I  am proud to have co-authored legislation that brought the new medical school to McAllen, and brought Rio Grande Valley residents an advanced learning opportunity, such as earning an M.D.  This year, we celebrated our first graduating class. The new medical school will ensure the Valley meets the growing need for doctors and health care providers for a growing population, while providing critical access and care to the uninsured.

I am proud to support The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, which connects Cameron and Hidalgo County; this institution provides more jobs and educational opportunities for our children and families; transforms the Rio Grande Valley’s education system, provides new research institutions, and is home to a first-class medical school. 

I battled in Austin to add $3.4 billion dollars back into our state’s public schools, helping keep good teachers in the classrooms that need them most. I work closely with my public schools and  know first-hand the importance of keeping class sizes small, creating more career education programs, and ensuring every child is prepared to go to college or enter the workplace.


I have served on the House Committee on Public Health my entire time in office and now serve as a senior member of the committee. I have been fighting non-stop to address the many health care challenges plaguing the lower Rio Grande Valley. Representative I understand firsthand the importance of affordable, quality health care that is accessible to all Texans, which is why I co-authored SB 24 in 2013, creating South Texas’ first medical school.

During my eight-year tenure in the Texas House of Representatives, I have passed landmark legislation to improve and protect the public health of all Texans by strengthening the state’s childhood immunization program. I have championed sweeping patients’ rights reforms, including protecting patients and health care professionals from abusive managed care tactics.

I also passed Senate bill 1150, the companion to HB 3712 during my first session, which offers protections to reduce administrative burdens on managed care providers. These protections include the prompt and accurate payment of claims; ability to electronically submit claims, corrected claims, prior authorizations, appeals and supporting documentations; and prompt credentialing and contracting of policies. 


I’ve been working for the agricultural community since I was first elected to the Texas House. In 2013, I  authored House Bill 3761, which evaluated the feasibility of a  Border Agricultural Inspection Training Program which would allow the Texas Department of Agriculture to explore supplementing federal customs & border protection officers with agricultural inspectors at the ports of entry on the border. This would significantly shorten wait times for a product whose shelf life demands that every hour count.

In 2017, I ensured funding for the program through House Bill 2155, which continues the Agricultural Inspection Grant Program through the Department of Agriculture. 


District 41 is one of the most productive gateways to commerce with Mexico. Every day, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of commerce travel across our bridges, roads and highways. Yet the state is woefully behind in keeping up with the infrastructure needs for a growing population — and as one of the fastest growing areas it’s time we get our fair share. 

I have consistently worked with TxDOT to invest to expand and repair our highways, bridges, and roadways. 

During the 83rd Legislative Session,  I co-authored House Bill 474 which allowed produce companies to move their perishable products quicker across the border to improve traffic and health and safety. 


South Texans know the meaning of entrepreneurialism. Small and family-owned businesses are the unsung heroes of our economy. As State Representative, I passed legislation that protects small business exemptions on the margins tax. I support buy local/buy Texas mandates, and oppose tax breaks to out-of-state businesses that are not offered to Texas businesses.

During the 83rd session, I passed House Bill 3714, which establishes a task force of qualified individuals to review difficulties encountered by small businesses with the regulatory system and to ensure information for small businesses is provided in plain language to the public. The advisory panel will report policy recommendations to the legislature and also to the Governor on small business and promotional opportunities; recommend improvements in state-funded programs; identify state laws, programs and policies that may need state change; and work on special projects assigned by the Governor.

I will continue to protect local job creators and small businesses.


The sons and daughters of South Texas have long answered the call to duty. We owe them more than our gratitude; we owe them the health care they were promised and a real chance and making a life for themselves when they return home from duty. I will continue to fight to get a VA Hospital in South Texas; protect veteran benefits for their families, including home loan assistance and tuition assistance; and stop the abusive practices of predatory lenders who take advantage of veterans and their families, especially as one breadwinner is serving overseas.


We must keep our families safe. I will continue working with local officials and law enforcement to ensure that they have the tools they need to combat drug trafficking along our borders.


South Texas was hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. I know people who died from the virus, and I know you do, too. I’m heart-broken. You can count on me to fight for our families and small businesses to get the economic support they need to recover, and to make sure Texas is better prepared to combat another pandemic.

Why Choose R. D. Bobby Guerra?

Rep. Guerra is focused on  ensuring resources for our community that will improve the quality of life for Rio Grande families through quality education, affordable healthcare, and ample economic opportunities. He will fight to improve our schools, healthcare facilities, and infrastructure including bridges, roads and highways and broadband and water infrastructure.

Bobby is proud to serve as your state representative because he wants to pay tribute to the Valley values of family, sacrificing for the next generation,  looking out for the less fortunate and creating an environment that fosters entrepreneurialism and the pursuit of dreams. 

Born in Edinburg, Bobby graduated from Pan American University in 1977 with a double major in biology and chemistry. Instead of pursuing science, he became a news reporter and anchor for KRGV-TV Channel 5. Tracking down the headline stories, Bobby was known for bringing serious attention to the challenges that faced the Valley, focused on the strength of the human spirit and inspired when regular people rose to the challenge to move our community forward.

In 1979, Leslie Yoder accepted his proposal for marriage. With a desire to start a family, Bobby made a career change and graduated from Texas Southern University Law School in Houston with cum laude honors.  Bobby has been practicing law for nearly 30 years; He was selected as a Texas Super Lawyer in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

In 2012, Bobby became the managing partner of Guerra, Leeds, Sabo & Hernandez, P.L.L.C. As a founding member of the firm, Bobby has helped local city governments protect taxpayers, and represented a variety of businesses. In addition, he has practiced in all of the federal and state courts in the Rio Grande Valley and parts of South Texas.

In March 2000, Bobby was elected Chairman of the Hidalgo County Democratic Party where he served two terms. He has also served on the board of directors of the University of Texas-Pan American Alumni Association, and was elected president of the board in 2003. In addition to his active service on the Easter Seal’s Board of Directors, Bobby served as their president from 2013-2014.


Distinguished Record of Representing RGV Families.

About R.D. Bobby Guerra

“By the land, and by the sacrifices of the generations who came before us…”

Bobby Guerra comes from old South Texas ranching families who helped settle the Valley in the 1700’s. Born in Edinburg, Bobby graduated from Pan American University in 1977 with a double major in biology and chemistry. But then his life took a different path as he went to work as a news reporter and anchor for KRGV-TV Channel 5. Tracking down the headline stories, Bobby was known for bringing serious attention to the challenges that faced the Valley and to the strength of the human spirit as regular people rose to the challenge to move our community forward.

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